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The Croatian-Slovenian project THE BORDER PHENOMENA - BELA KRAJINA AND ŽUMBERAK started in 2018 with the tendency to realize a series of project activities in multi-year continuity. Basically, the project seeks to have the very concept of the Croatian-Slovenian border as well as the bilingual boundaries of the area, not as a model of separation, but as a way of connecting people from both sides of the border and their wider area. The project seeks to highlight the diverse and numerous aspects of life on the border and at the frontier, presenting geographical, archeological, historical, historiographic, literary, linguistic, musical, ethnological, economical, sociological, political, legal, ethical and any other approach to problems, while the Bela Krajina - Žumberak border is only considered as the source of such considerations.

Within the framework of the first phase of the project in September 2018, in the Gallery Kambič in Metlika, a guest exhibition Silent witnesses of faith, heritage and splendor, will be set up, jointly realized by Croatian Restoration Institute and Archaeological Museum in Zagreb. In October of the same year, Belokranjski museum Metlika will hold a two-day symposium with international participation entitled Border Phenomena - Bela Krajina and Žumberak.